HARD summer 2014

HARD summer 2014. It was located in El monte Whittier narrows recreation area, and it was the first time HARD held their event there.


I can only have one word to describe this venue—- DUSTY!!!!! I can barely opened my eyes when a car drove by me. However, the venue is not too big for us to walk around.


I had to admit that I can not give too much review on the artists that performed, since I arrived late to the event.
Dillon Francis—-
This is the third time I saw him , and the first time I saw him was at HARD summer 2012. I am so happy to see him DJ from the small tent to the big HARD stage. His set included a lot of different varieties as usual, and he really know how to keep his crowd grooving!

I was very excited to see them. They started half an hour later after Dillon Francis finished. Their set was really chill, yet they made you want to dance! It was a great surprise when Mary J. blige came out ! She sang live that brought more power to the song ” F for you”.

WOW. just wow. I was very very skeptical to see him , since last time I saw him at staples center 2013 was a mediocre performance. However, this time his whole set was energetic yet some emotional vocals. It was fast, and it was slow. It was hardcore, but then it was full of love and pretty lights. He blew my mind that day by playing a very well-thought set. He also played “fade into darkness” that made my tear up. It was one of the song when I first started my rave adventure.

I would gave this event 8 out 10, because overall I had a great night! Even though it was very dusty, but it did not stop me from partying hard!
HARD summer vibe is very different from insomniac events, but if you would love to see some really different DJs, it is definitely a event worth going to!

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