08.21.2014 Electronic Dance Music vocal queen Nadia Ali

Universal studio City Walk in Los Angeles,  California was having a summer concerts during the time from July to August 2014. I went to look at the performer’s schedule, and one performer caught my eye. It was Nadia Ali!
Nadia Ali is a Pakistani American singer who came out around 2001, and she gained her popularity through her single “Rapture” (music link below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbVxvITmwIc. She also have a lot of hit songs such as “pressure” (music link below) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyqXzbSh3Ko., “Feels so good” with Armin van Buuren http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_WOwRVTKJUw She gradually merged into the Electronic Dance Music scene due to her powerful yet very recognizable vocal.
I was very excited for this show, because it will be the first time I see her and listen to a EDM singer solo live. The most important thing is, this show was free!I really liked the “venue”, since Universal City walk is always cool during the night when the neon lights are on.
There were a lot more people than I expected, because it was on a Thursday yet I saw a lot of her fans who even bought her CDs to the concert to see if they can meet her after the show. Nadia Ali started on time, and everyone was so excited! She was very good at live! Even though the music was very loud, we can still hear her sing. She sang every song that has her feature in it, so I heard my favorite ones too! I was really surprised she sang an hour non-stop music remix, because she did not even rest. Well, she only drank two sips of water, but she maintained her voice through the whole hour she sang. It was really impressive!
After the show, I saw some securities close to the stage started to gather. I decided to wait a little to see if Nadia Ali will come out from there. After fifteen minutes, she did !!!!!!!! I struggled through a lot of securities to see if she will take picture with me. The securities pushed us away.

She then went back to the back stage area, but I can still see her! I decided to give my last try to smile and wave at her, and then she waved back! She then walked towards me and shake my hand and said she is very nice to meet me. I ask her can I please take a picture with her, and she said of course!
It was the best night of the year meeting such a down to earth artist who are so talented yet so genuine to her fan. I love you Nadia Ali! Last song ” Must be the love” with Arty& BT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6MLjDwiUoA


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