Cafe Korobokgur review


As a food lover, I always want the place where I am going to eat at can makes me feel happy and relax. Sometimes you find a place that has delicious food, but a terrible environment. (People shouting over each other, crowded, or impolite service…) Sometimes you find a place that has very beautiful design and decoration, but their food are just horrible. Cafe Korobokgur is neither. The cafe is beautiful, spacious, and the food are just right on point.
If you live in Los Angeles, you will know the parking and driving situation. There is only one word to describe it : CRAZY!  So it is very very important for me to know that I can park safely downtown Los Angeles, because I am pretty terrible at parallel parking.(Seriously). Therefore, I am very glad to see that Cafe Korobokgur has a parking lot at the back!
When I walked in, a waitress immediately came to greet me with a warm smile. This is a Korean-owned cafe, so I think the waitress was not very good in English. However, she was doing her best to understand me and communicate with me. She led my friend and I to our table. On my right as you can see in the photo was the large windows that makes the places look very spacious. People also come to study here, because it opened pretty late too. On my left was the counter, and even the counter looked really nice! It was actually my forth time to this cafe already, but my friend Amy was very impressed by how beautiful the place was! We sat down and the waitress quickly gave us the menu.
One of the menu was all drinks such as coffee (They use Intelligentsia’s coffee beans ), teas, and smoothies; on the other hand, it was the food menu. They served a big range of selections for food. They have curry chicken sandwiches, chicken salad, pastas, kimchi fried rice, etc. You name it ! Those are the food that are  actually the best for hangout with a cup of coffee or tea.
We decided to order a bacon cream pasta and a crispy chicken salad.
The crispy chicken salad was amazing! I always order it when I came to this cafe. Not only the sauce was not so oily, the crispy chicken has its own flavor that just make you can not stop eating it! This was my first time trying the bacon cream pasta. I am very pleased to ate such a great pasta. I honestly think it is better than some of the Italian restaurants I tried! The noodle was right on point, and the cream sauce was flavorful. It would not make you felt too greasy too.
We also ordered a ice green tea latte and a iced caramel macchiato. They looked really sweet, but they were not at all! I am the kind of person who usually drink pretty sweet drinks, but the drinks they have here are all right on point. The coffee in iced caramel macchiato is pretty bitter, so the caramel actually balanced the bitterness out.  The wipe cream on top of these two drinks were not heavy too, and it melted right when you started to swirl the drinks.

After finishing everything, my tummy was very satisfied. My friend Amy and I had a long talk, and the cafe was quiet enough for us not to shout at each other. (Thank god!) Cafe Korobokgur is actually my favorite cafe so far in Los Angeles, because I always love the environment and the food . The price is pretty friendly for a place like this too! I will definitely recommend my friends to come to this cafe Korobokgur to give it a try! It is not so easy to find a cafe that has good drinks, food, and service in a whole package anymore! 🙂

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