5 things you need to know about Grand Canyon tour

After going to Las Vegas just to party for almost sixth times, I finally got the chance and time to go on a Grand Canyon tour!
My family and I booked from this website http://www.canyontours.com/grand-canyon-west-rim-bus-tour/ . Before you go on a Grand Canyon tour, you have to do a little research. There are few things I have learned for my trip to Grand Canyon that I would love to share with people who want to go to Grand Canyon in the future

1.It is divided into North, East, West,and South rims for you to choose.
Depends on your time, you can choose to have a longer tour or a shorter tour. I chose the West rim due to the fact that I did not want to spend too much time sitting on a bus. Every rim has something significant to see or experience. For example, West rim has the famous sky walk, and East rim has the horseshoe bend.

2. The tour bus will pick you up from your hotel
You just need to set the alarm, wake up, and be on time for the bus to pick you up.

3. The tour usually go through Hoover Dam.
Out tour bus stopped at Hoover Dam for fifteen minutes, and it was enough for us to take pictures and look around.

4. You can see significant amount of Joshua trees on the road to grand canyon
The name of Joshua tree was named by its unique shape of its root. It reminded people of the Bible in which in Joshua reaches his hands up to the sky for prayer.

5. The West rim has two points to see the view: Guano point and Eagle point
Eagle Point
At first, I was wondering why the view point was called eagle point? Until our tour guide pointed out the huge eagle that is right in front of us.
The famous sky walk is at eagle point (You would need to pay $30 USD to walk the sky walk)
CAUTION: There are no fence or anything to distance you from the grand canyon, so you have to be careful when you are walking at the edge !!
Guano point
The crows were insanely huge!!
Even though the pictures I took were pretty, but it still did not describe and capture the view I saw myself. It was incredible, majestic, and purely beautiful to see a nature that is so breathtaking. It is definitely a spot for everyone to check out when you get the chance to Las Vegas. Spend one day with the nature rather than in the club or alcohol, you might find pure joy and peacefulness in mother nature.

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