Louis Vuitton Series 2 : Past, Present, and the Future


I am not a fashion craze. Don’t get me wrong, I love fashion! It’s just I never remember the texture of clothes, what season does that pair of Burberry boots came from, or what exactly is trending right now. However, who can resist when Louis Vuitton opened a free exhibition when you are living twenty minutes away from the location? I must check it out !
When I stepped into the exhibition, a huge neon lights LV logo lighted up in the black room. It was very mesmerizing, because the dark room made the viewers focused ONLY on the logo. This was the first trademark made in 1908 from the founder of Louis Vuitton.The layers under the huge LV logo made me feel like I am drowning in that logo.
I heard something speaking in the next room. I quickly followed the robotic voice, and suddenly HUGE faces appeared right in front of me. They were talking, and the faces kept changing. The room is called the “talking faces”, and it allows viewers to view the scenography of the Spring-Summer 2015 Louis Vuttion runway presentation.
The next room was called the “magic trunk”. It used hologram to present on a trunk about the evolution of Louis Vuttion design Along with the music by Beyonce and Kelis, the hologram was cool and stylish. I think it was great to link the past and present using hologram, since it’s a very futuristic style of presentation.
IMG_3359_2 IMG_3362
I always wonder why fashion can be soooo expensive? Isn’t it just a bag? A pair of shoes? A
fter the magic trunk, I walked straight into another room where I found my answer. The room recorded the long hours and handcrafted work of the workers making the purses and wallets. Since it was too long, I stayed in this room for only two minutes. 😛
The next room was just breathe taking! It was a white room that has mannequins that wore, held all the Loius Vuitton purses and bags. It was a great presentation of the real accessories.

Poster room was very cool too!
PIMG_3388 IMG_3402_2

The 360 runway presentation also made the viewers feel and experience the real runway without being there. It was very creative!

IMG_3403_2 IMG_3407_2 IMG_3409_2

Overall, I would definitely give this LV experience a two thumbs up! It was creative, informative, and different. When I walked in the exhibition, it made me feel like I fell into a fancy version of ” Alice in Wonderland”. It was dreamy, and it was mesmerizing. The best thing was they gave out FREE posters to all the people. It totally just added the cherry on top of a cake. A BIG FAT FANCY CAKE 🙂

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