Crimson Peak Review: The Ghosts and The Humans


Rating 8 /10


 I was debating for a long time to watch this movie. I saw the trailer few months back, and I immediately categorize Crimson Peak into my “Scary movie: definitely a no” list. However, I finally gave in after my boyfriend insisted on watching it and my friends told me how great it was.The director of this film is Guillermo del toro, and one of his most famous film was Pan’s Labyrinth, which is a movie I love so so much! The similarity between Crimson Peak and Pan’s Labyrinth is the melancholic storyline and characters. The characters really grow into you, and you feel pity and sad for their situation or the people they have become.

  One thing I  love about this movie was how beautiful many scenes were.The set, the usage of color, and also the costumes were all decorated and matched in a sophisticated  way.   The first scene was the main character Edith Cushing( played by Mia Wasikowska) standing in the snow with tears rolling down her cheeks with her eyes staring blankly in the air, and her voice narrating, “Ghosts are real…this much I know”. Wearing a white dress, Edith was covering with snow yet there was blood and cut on her hand and her face. It immediately grabbed my attention, because I really want to know what happened to her.  


The story began when Edith met a mysterious stranger Thomas (played by Tom Hiddleston)  and his sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain). You can tell the uneasiness between the brother and sister, but you just cannot figure what is it.  You just know there is something not right about them. You also get even more freak out when you see the house where Thomas and Lucille live at. 



The design of the ghosts in Crimson Peak was very made to be uncomfortable. When Edith’s mother paid her a visit to warn her about Crimson Peak, her movements looks like she is glitching. Her hands and legs twitched while she walked closer and closer to the camera. The ghosts in the haunted house where Thomas and Lucille live at were also scary in a different way. They looked like they were skinned and were dropped in a pool of red paint. I think the interesting part is that even though I am scared to death by the appearance of the ghost ( I really don’t watch horror movies), but it was Thomas and Lucille that really gave me the goosebumps.


crimson peak 2 legendary picture   When the story unwrapped, we found out that Lucille and Thomas were having incest relationship. Thomas will be the one that married with women, and then Lucille will kill them so the brother and sister can inherit the money those women have. However, Thomas did fell in love with Edith and he tried to protect her from Lucille. This twist in the story became a strong comparison to the ghosts that appeared in the movie. While we are afraid of the ghosts, yet we do not notice the people who can really harm us in real life. It was also sadden to see that even though Thomas tried to make everything better, but he was killed by Lucille due to her jealousy of Thomas falling in love with Edith.  The chills that Crimson Peak gave me still creeps on me from time to time since I walked out from the movie theater. After you watched Crimson Peak, you will know it is not about the ghost. It is about people, and how evil we can become.  


4 thoughts on “Crimson Peak Review: The Ghosts and The Humans

    1. Hi!!! Me too ! Pan’s Labyrinth was so well done 🙂 hahaah I have barely watch horror movies in my life, so Crimson Peak is the closest I get as a horror movie 😛 But thank you so much for agreeing with me that it was very well made !! I appreciate it !


      1. I’m the opposite. I watch a lot of horror.

        The last film that scared me was The blair witch project. I watched it when I was really young and it was when they’d convinced everyone that it was real footage. o.o


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