Designer Con : The perfect place to find geeky but cutest art ever



Did you recognize this car ? BINGO! It is the car from Back To The Future! I was so excited that Designer Con put it at the entrance to celebrate 30th anniversary of this iconic movie.For those of you who don’t know what Designer Con (aka D Con) is, it is an annual art and design convention that holds in Pasadena, California. It has over 300 artists every year that showcase, sell, or live demonstrate their art, illustration and design for people who attend.This convention is always one of my favorite ones to go to, because most of the artist’s styles are usually what I am looking for.


Their art works are mostly references to what’s trending right now in American culture, or the movies,  TV shows , and characters that are more well known to people. For example, you can see a lot of Star Wars  this year, since the movie is releasing this week ! You can also see TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, or Dexter.  There are also superhero series and movies related artwork.


I think one of the great things about Designer Con is that the artists are all super nice too!  I was so thrilled that when I was buying a Game of Thrones print from an artist, his Instagram name is doodledose , and he just gave me another small print of his drawing of Tyrion Lannister. It totally made my day!! (The print on the bottom and the print on the top of that) . You can also get to know most of the artists personally by talking to them. I really think this is a very important aspect for the artist to have the chance to present himself/herself, so people get to know them better. Furthermore, it also give the people who attend the chance to have a deeper understanding behind the art they see.



There are a lot of handcrafted art that are just simply amazing too.



Live demonstration are interesting too. I think this year the vendor that sells 3D printing pen is very cool. He basically just teaches people how to draw using the 3D printing pen, and you can see his work all over the table. I have never seen a 3D printing pen before, so it was very cool to see how to use it live.



If you just love the artists work so much but cannot afford to buy it, they always have name card that have their Instagram or website for you to follow 🙂




Before leaving the Design Con, I went to see the section that paid a tribute to Back to the Future. It was so cute and creative !




I cannot wait for D con next year already! It is such a great convention that build the relationship between artists and their fans. When you see all the smiley faces on the people that attend this event and the artists that put so much work on their tables to present their work , you will know it is THE one of the kind show that you must check it out.

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