The Good Dinosaur Review:An emotional adventure in the cutest alternate universe ever


Rating : 7/10
SPOIL ALERT !!!!!! Friendly warning: you may shred some tears watching this film, so it will be a good call to bring some tissues or napkins just in case 🙂

I have to say, I see some Lion King resemblance in The Good Dinosaur, yet it did not stop me from enjoy this movie. I give The Good Dinosaur about a 7/10 , because there are no surprises or twists in the story. However, the movie still manage to create a magical alternate universe about “What-if” the asteroid missed earth and dinosaurs are not extinct. I think Disney and Pixar did a great job of releasing an original story and characters without saying Cars 1! Cars 2 !….( and other movie franchises) 😛

The story surrounds the main character Arlo, who is a dinosaur that was born to have everything but courage. He is really jumpy, and he is scared at almost everything. Due to some circumstances, he lost his family and the story is how Arlo tried to find his way back to his family. thumbnail_22545

During Arlo’s adventure in the wild, he bonded with his human pet called “spot”. I think the cutest parts in The Good Dinosaur are the interactions between Arlo and Spot. Spot is a character who is a totally opposite of Arlo, because he is not afraid of anything. He can bite snakes, run in the storm, and even swim in a river. The two characters who have totally opposite personalities sparked the most adorable friendship ever.


Since it is an adventure, we also see some characters that are interesting, funny, and scary at the same time. Giving a head up to you who decide to take your kids to watch The Good Dinosaur: the timeline occurs during the evolution when human can barely walk , so there are some not-so-cute creatures that may scares little kids. However, the bright side is that those creatures that Arlo’s encounter in his adventure made him grew stronger and stronger 🙂Humor-TGD



If you are expecting a twist or anything that can caught you off guard, you may be disappointed in this movie. Yet if you just want to sit down and enjoy an Disney Pixar original, then this is the right movie for you. I think one thing that is worth mentioning is how beautiful the landscapes are in this film. It is breathtaking, and you just sort of dive into the world Pixar animation studio created.

If you are a Disney Pixar fan, you know they always put in life lessons in their films. I think the quote from The Good Dinosaur is just simply beautiful and worth jotting down: “Sometimes you have to get through your fears to see the beauty of the other side”  ❤


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