Thoughts on My Professor


He is a 69 year old man with a walking stick, and seeing him the first time in class what crossed my mind was “oh god, I hope his teaching style is not old school”. Oh boy I judged a book at its cover too quickly.

Mr. Campbell is one of the funniest and most energetic professor I have ever had. His teaching style is like your favorite grandpa that tells the best bedtime stories ever. He whispers while building up of the story, and he jumps up and yells when he gets excited. Today Mr. Campbell taught us a quote by political activist Ralph Nader, “Have a higher estimate of your own significance, keep your eye on the big picture Mr. Campbell added, “Do not think you will not achieve it so you just didn’t do it. You are worth more than you think. ”

It was that moment I realized the importance of good professors. It was that moment I realized the importance of education, and how I am blessed to be a student in my university. I think sometimes people do not show enough appreciation for instructors in school.  According to my own experience, the more I have good professors, the more I noticing myself how motivated I can be. Thank you Mr. Campbell for quoting Ralph Nader, because I think a lot of students really just need a little push to motivate them and inspire them.

This is the kind of education we need, and we just need a little bit more inspirational people like Mr. Campbell in this world.


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