Joshua Tree National Park: Back to The Age of Jurassic


Every time when I tell people I live in California, most of their reactions are “OMG! the sun!!!!” or “Wow…im so jealous of all the beaches you guys have” If you think California only have beaches and sunshine, Joshua Tree National Park will totally change your impressions.

Joshua Tree National Park is around two and a half hours away from Los Angeles, so it can be a weekend getaway for people who love nature and would want to leave the busy city for awhile. You can also see a lot of hipsters wandering around the National Park to find a place to them to chill and camp.


Before you go into the park, it is best to pick up a map at the visitor center. My phone had no signals in there, so I strongly suggest people to bring a map with you while you explore the park!


The national park is picture very worthy because of the blue sky and strange rocks, but I actually got tired from the views after spending a few hours there. Since it is a desert, so all you see are just rocks, some plants, teeny tiny lizards, and Joshua Trees. I also walked a few trials, but eventually I got heat stroke so I went home around the later afternoon.

In general, every trails and must sees  in this Joshua Tree National Park is very cool to visit and take pictures. You really can’t see these kinds of jumbo rocks and cool landscapes in any other parts of California. My own opinion is just that people like me who like trees, rivers, and mountains can think this place is ok. Don’t get me wrong! I would want to come again, but I would hope to be not too hot ! (which will be hard, since it is a desert  😛 )  If you have never been to Joshua Tree, you should definitely come here to check it out ! You will see how nature can be ever-changing!!





Photo Credited by : Jessica Yeow  Copyright Reserved

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