Zootopia Review: A Disney Film That Is More Than Just About “Happily Ever After”

coverPhoto credit: fandango.com

When I thought Disney movies couldn’t get any better, oh boy I was wrong! Zootopia is a refreshing and creative movie with the reflections of issues and phenomenons in the society. Disney is brilliant to bring out some touchy subjects with the cutest animals we see on screen. 🙂


We follow the cutest protagonist Judy Hopps on her journey , who is a bunny that always wanted to be a cop. However, people (should I say animals ?) didn’t think she can make it, since all of animals in police departments are either HUGE animals that have strength or really tough looking ones.(elephants, cheetahs, rhino, you name it !!!) Police force is also a male dominant jobs field (doesnt this sounds familiar?), yet Judy didn’t give up even though her parents told her so.

ZOOTOPIA – Pictured (L-R): Judy, Bonnie, and Stu Hopps. ©2016 Disney. All Rights Reserved.

I grew up with animal based animations such as Ice Age, Bambi, Dumbo, and most of the time the only memorable things in the movies is how cute the characters are. (but yes, they can still be emotional sometimes) Yet Zootopia brings more to the plates than any other animals based films. The best thing about this movie is how many details are in there. The creative designs of every characters and their living environments are colorful and thoughtful , and the dialogues and scriptwriting that touch on issues and problems in the society are just simply brilliant!

Following Judy Hopps journey we encounter different kinds of animals, but I think I really need to give props the famous sloth scene. Drawing DMV workers as sloths were totally one of the funniest thing I have ever seen. 🙂 Even though it was made as the official trailer already, but people still laughed so hard in the theater. 😀




The most important message that I learned from Zootopia is how stereotyping people as a race can have a negative impact in the society. In reality, we actually group people in a group with certain characters. For example, asians are all either nerdy or very uptight. Or people who are considered fat need to be funny, or there are just “angry fat people”. Or all gays are sassy. These are just some stereotypes that are in the top of my head right now, but  you can imply to other stereotypes that you think about. Even though stereotypes are sometimes correct , or sometimes we need the to stereotype something or someone in order to simplfy our social world, but it doesn’t mean that people should use it as a “guide” to group certain race, gender, and body types.

Last but not least, we need to be more like Judy Hopps. Living in this world is not always easy, and sometimes you can encounter very ugly people or experiences that beat you down. But think about it, if there is not a point in your lifetime that is going downhill, you will never experience the uphill in your life. This world is cruel, but we are strong enough to overcome obstacles and become who we want to be.


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