Sequoia National Park: Home Of The Ancient Giant Trees

I am a city kid who can’t even find my way  back home without using a GPS or Waze. When I excitedly declared that I want to go to Sequoia National Park, my boyfriend (lets just call him J) was like “OHH! of course! Lets go!” Suddenly my trip became TWO city kids exploring the nature. 🙂

Driving from Los Angeles to Sequoia National Park is about three and a half hours distance up North. Just a reminder to people who wants to stay there (not by camping), the closest place for you to stay around the park is called Three Rivers. It’s a approximately 2,000 population beautiful small town surrounded by the beautiful scenery.

I stayed at a airbnb right next to the entrance of the park, and the experience staying there was amazing. It is a cabin that can only fit two people, but the owner Jana provided everything we need. My view on the balcony was breathtaking, since the cabin is higher than other houses around it.IMG_3259

There is a coffee maker, a microwave, and some snacks that Jana prepared for us. Electric blanket, AC, and heater are also provided since weathers can be really cold during the winter or really hot during the summer. You can tell how attentive Jana is when you see almost everything is prepare for you, and I really really apperciate it ! Jana also has two dogs that are the greatest accompanies during our stay.

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Entering Sequoia National Park has a $30 entrance fee per vehicle, and the permit is valid for seven days for going in and out the park.  J and I planned three trails in Sequoia National Park, but sadly we only stopped by two eventually. If you are a first timer like me,please beware on how far away your destination is ! There is the most famous tree called General Sherman Tree in the park, and it is actually fifty minutes to an hour away from the entrance. It is best to plan every trail accordingly.

Also, if you get car sick like I do (oh god) , PLEASE bring some medicines that will make you feel better. I fainted and eventually threw up while J was driving when we were driving down the mountain, because I couldn’t handle the ziczac roads 😦 Yet I am glad I wasn’t sick when we were going in the park, so I can have some time to enjoy the view.


General Sherman tree 

If you came to Sequoia and haven’t even seen General Sherman tree, it is like you went to New York and you didn’t go see the statue of liberty.  When I saw General Sherman tree the first time, I felt so small compare to this majestic result of mother nature. General Sherman tree is currently the longest living tree on earth with an estimation of 2,300-2,700 year old. After taking picture with the tree, we started our first hike in the park.


Congress Trail 

Congress trail which is right next to General Sherman Tree was such a great hike!!!!!! I strongly suggest people should take that trail, since we enjoyed the scenery all by ourselves without anyone or any noises around us. It is really easy to find the trail starting point, and there are also map for us to take a look at the exact spot we are standing.
It actually took me and J about two hours to finish the loop, since we took our time and even sat on a huge rock to eat our lunch.

For those of you who are worried about how hard the hike is, I would say it’s a medium in my own opinion. There were still some melting snow around us when we were hiking the trail, so it was slippery and hard to walk a bit sometimes. Yet there are some part you need to kind of gave the trail a one step jump over a super small river flow, and that was cool! 




  Moro Rock 

Me and J decided to hit up moro rock trail before we leave, and I am so glad we did! Moro rock trail is very steep, so people who are afraid of heights might need to avoid this trail. I didn’t realize I am scared of height when I started to climb it, and the higher I get my legs became jello when I looked down. BUT I DID IT! The view on top of moro rock was stunning. On my left side there were snowy mountains matching with those yellow orange color sequoias, and all the green trees and mountains were on my right. 





I would definitely come back to sequoia for my weekend getaway. It was beautiful and chill, and I had such a great stay at Three Rivers. This trip really sparked my interest to go to other nature places, since I barely do these healthy activities. It is difficult to live in a city without thinking about what do binge watch next on Netflix, or which bar or restaurant I’m hitting up tonight. Being able to experience the silence in the forest while sun shining down on my face without any cellphone disturbing me was just one of the best thing I will be gladly to do again. 🙂

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