Batman V. Superman Review: This Movie Deserves More Justice !


I was very reluctant to go watch this movie, since I always decide to watch a film based on the ratings and critics on rotten tomatoes. Call me a conservative, but I am always scared to spend about $13 to go to the movie theater with the hassle of rushing to the theater in order to get good seats and then rushing to the bathroom before the movie starts and then movie turns out bad.

When me and my boyfriend’s inner movie monster were itching for movies last weekend, we decided to give it a go for Batman V. Superman with my lowest expectation of  a “29%” film. I walked out from the theater with a lot of question marks on my head, and all I was thinking about is “WHAT THE ?! This is MUCH better than what everyone said !!”

First thing first, I have to say there are some obvious flaws and some part may seem cheesy, but here’s what I like about Batman V. Superman:

1. Great castings of Batman , Superman, and Wonder woman


Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are perfect batman and superman for me. I am a superhero fan, but I always cant really keep up with what universe should have what kind of superheroes.( I heard there are several universe for different portrayal of batman?)  Yet both of these actors are terrific in this film. Ben Affleck body shape and his acting really portray the batman I want him to be. Henry Cavill is hands down one of the best looking guy on this planet. His facial structures and how the portrayal in the film that he is so alienated from this world really interest me, because I tend to forget how superman is NOT a human being. Gal Gadot as wonder woman is also cool to see, since she has that sharp looks for a Amazonian.


2.  Beautifully shot scenes 

I remember vividly the necklace from the beginning of the movie where Bruce Wayne’s parents got murdered. It was shot carefully in details, and I actually like the intimacy of how the director focus on the necklace. The dreams from batman are also interesting and kind of feel like fantasies.I especially like the part when superman got surrounded by people who worship him, and that part was shot beautifully too.



3. Fight scenes 

The actions kept me entertained throughout the movie! The fight scenes are similar to Man of steel, and both of the films have really powerful and crazy actions. I can almost feel the punches between superman and batman through the screen, because the sounds and the frequency of destroying buildings are far beyond any fights between normal human beings.


There are some major flaws that keep me giving this movie a better score. The main problem for me is the villain Lex Luther. I am not very familiar with all the villain in DC, and Jesse Eisenburg acted Lex like a joker !  I was like “wow this villain sounds and talk like a joker! is he the joker?but he doesn’t look like one !?” Turned out they are totally different villains. (OOPS!!!) 😛


The other flaw is that some character decisions and how things turn out in a situation can be kind of blunt and dont really make sense. For the people who have seen it, i will hint “Martha” and batman’s reaction when he found out something about the checks. Some part seems very illogical.

I actually will give this movie a 7/10. It is entertaining, and some scenes are beautiful to look at. The script and how the movie was edited is a bit messy, but there are some good parts in the movie too. I really think a 29% on rotten tomato is a bit too harsh. Anyways, CANT WAIT FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE! 994722_432032996995646_1648093818310094305_n_-_h_2016

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