The Realistic Me, My Photoshop self, and I


I am so used to all these filters apps that make me look so perfect, and standing in front of a mirror everyday always give me a gasp when I see the true reflection of myself.

Being Asian and grew up in a culture that worship fairness, my freckles considers a dangerous characteristic (it can cause skin cancer) rather than describe as “cute” in Western culture, and they made my face looks darker and not as “clean” as people who are really pale.

My waist is not as skinny as the models from Victoria’s Secret or other magazines, and my tummy just kind of hanging out from my pants when I stress eat too much the other night.

Images. It’s all about images. Big corporations and entertainment industries sell the idea of “perfection”, in which us as consumers get so freak out when we see the beautiful model in the commercials use the cosmetics or wearing the clothes that we don’t have. And then we rush to the store or click on Amazon to buy those products. This applies to all the other products that these companies trying to sell to us.  ( but seriously, not like wearing a Victoria Secret bra can suddenly make me a small waisted and fit model like them)

I think it is scary to think about the advertising and big corporations in this way. well, but this is part of the truth yet I think at end of the day we as the receiver from all these advertisements and commercials need to step back and try not get overwhelmed.

After struggling about my own self-image, I really just want to tell other people who are still going through the self-discovering and lower confidence stage of your life to embrace yourself. The main thing you really have to work on yourself and  your body is to really just try to eat healthy and work out. It is just simple as that. We are constantly battle between the perfect image and the realistic image of the true self, but we should not get restraints by the battle.

Nobody is perfect, and our beauty and image will decay overtime. Everyone wants to look good, but it should not be the only priority. Try to focus on educate yourself to become a better person, because what really matter at the end of the day is whats really inside.

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