Black Mirror: Stand Out Episode ” San Junipero” that stole everyone’s heart

Such a interesting name as a show. None of the episodes are connected, so skipping around is totally acceptable. However, people who want to start this show have to be fully aware that Black Mirror is a dark and possibly even depressed due to its presentations of the consequences in technological era and how technologies can bring out the dark side of human beings. It took me a while to realize that Black Mirror means the dark reflections of our society and how it may become in the future.  So to all my dear readers, please be in a good mood when you starting the series.


Despite the depressed ending of every episode, “San Junipero” in Season 3 is the silver lining for audiences like me who still want to see some heart warming ending that will lingers in our heart.


We followed two young characters that seem to be in a party in the 80s, and the whole place is like a perfect city to escape from reality. At the end of the day, you found out that this place is called “San Junipero” which is a virtual platform where people “escape” death and cross over to this heaven that belongs to any elderly (or people who died) who agrees to do so. Even though the concept of the technology in this particular episode is nearly impossible, but the visual presentation of what will heaven be like if you pass away is the best gift that the creators of this episode gave us.The bittersweet, pain, but at the end hopeful from San Junipero took us on a emotional ride with Yorkie and Kelly.

Black Mirror

San Junipero is beautiful, perfect, and it provides all these eras (the 80s, 90s) in which people can go back and live as they were young again. How wonderful is that? We always fear about our undefinable enemies like time and aging, and we always want to go back time to experience things when we are still young. Living forever doesn’t seem like a bad idea after all when you are young, beautiful, and all you have to do is just have fun.


Yet not everything is perfect.  One of the main character Kelly addresses that her daughter died before this technology even existed, and her husband decided to not go to San Junipero because it seems like a luxury and a selfish decision when your daughter doesn’t even have a choice when she died. What would you do if your beloved ones cannot enjoy San Junipero?


I think this is why I love Black Mirror so much. It makes us think. It makes us think about ourselves, think about what would you do when you are in these characters situations, and it makes you think about all these limitless possibilities our technology will take us in the future. Do we create technology or the technology is shaping us ? Do we rely too much on technology? However, if we try harder, will we be able to really create something like San Junipero? How do we develop technology that can be both safe and secure for the human beings?
As being an millennial, I have experienced the era of  tapes, VHS, and Kodak old cameras. Now my phone is a multi-use device that I carry around in my picket, so I am totally not surprised if there are more amazing products come out sooner or later that will make our life easier. I think the best advice is that we cannot be too attached to these products. Be true to ourselves, and stay true to who we are.


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