Hidden Figures: The Untold Stories of Powerful Women that Broke Barriers


“Behind every great man, there is always a great woman” I never really like this saying, because it seems like women are the ones that can only stand behind the curtain while men taking all the credits. My comment might comes off a little strong, but I do believe that people often neglect the assumptions of certain societal ideologies and stereotypes that associates with the inequalities and unfair treatment towards gender, race, and sexuality. This film came out just about the right time (wink wink) to start a conversation about inequality in the society.


Hidden Figures tells the stories of three African American women who works as Mathematicians in NASA during the 60s. Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson contribute to not only launching astronauts to space, became the first African American to graduate from a segregated school, but also pioneer in the learning of IBM (first computer). This feel good drama is not just about struggles of African Americans, but it also highlight leadership and the treatment for women in the workplace.

The timeline in which Hidden figures occurs in is what interest me the most, because I have only heard about space race between USSR and the United States in my history class in high school rather than see it in any cinematic portrayal. ( I am not sure if there are any space race films, but at least I have not seen it so far) And its also interesting to see higher education African American women are represented in highly honorable jobs rather than often see them in lower class in which we have seen a lot of movies. I am not bashing on the best movies such as Twelve Years of Slave, the Help, or Selma, but it’s empowered to see these wonderful women working as hard as they can to fight for fair treatment and desegregation in the society.  


The movie also have very beautiful coloring, great music, and amazing acting. I am a fan  of artist Janelle Monae, but wow, I dont know she can act as good as her singing ! She gives the movie a little bit more laugh by her natural smile, gestures, and some of those sass in her character. Octavia Spencer is always lovable, so you cant go wrong with her in feel good films. Taraji P. Henson as the main character also did a great job by being a genius who are not willing to limit herself by the color of her skin .


I also cheered for Kevin Costner (Katherine’s boss)  by being a wonderful person with trying to include Katherine in all the project while she was being treated as an outsider.

This is why films are great. If the film is accurate enough, it can actually represent a certain era that we can look back to and compare it the the timeline we are in right now. We can still see women are still fighting for equal treatment in the work place, and we can still see racism everywhere. However, we are progressing together as a country. Hidden Figures is the kind of movie that makes you genuinely laugh with, cheer with, and feel for the characters, and it definitely is worthy to get nominated in Oscar’s Best Picture.

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