John Wick 2 : The Ultimate Action Sequel that Is Actually Better Than The First One



  The first John Wick, excuse my unpopular opinion, was too flat and even a bit boring to me except all the killings and shootings. It is pretty obvious there was clearly no storyline other than John Wick trying to find and kill the people who killed his puppy and stole his car. Although, the action is what made the movie famous. So when I saw the trailer for John Wick 2 , I was excited but did not expect too much.


 I was so wrong for not being excited about this film. The moment John Wick 2 started, I was on the edge of my seat all the time for the better than ever action scenes. I can barely remember when was the last time I have seen any action films that are filmed in great visual and continuity with not too many editing cuts that take audience into an epic fight and another, and then another just like gamers would in a video game. (Of course, Mad Max is a great action film yet it does not really fit into this suits up classy action genre) 

The expansion of the assassin world is one of the reason I think the sequel is better than the first one. The first John Wick only let you take a peak into The Continental (a hotel that forbids assassins to kill people while they are in there) and the coins that are used by assassins.It made me feel like “Oh! that was creative”, but it wasn’t anything more than that.
John Wick 2 introduced audience into international assassin business that made you realize that The Continental in New York is just one of the chain among the other Continentals world wide. The assassin currency can get the killers a nice suit and all the weapons they want with five star services. Furthermore, John Wick 2 added the 60s pin up tattoos women that work in the service of transferring money in and out of bank accounts and control all the assassins files. We also get to see Laurence Fishburne , who is the guy that played Morpheus in the iconic film The Matrix, appear as the New York king who control the New York region of assassins. I almost wanted to stand up and scream in the theater after finally seeing Morpheus and Neo on the same screen again after twenty years. (Hold back my tears**)



Even though people praise about how good Keanu Reeves is as a action killer and how kick ass the actions are, but I really have to give two thumbs up for the cinematography of this whole movie. It is visually stunning scene by scene, and it does not feel repetitive since every action scene is in a beautiful location such as the New York new transportation station Oculus and the last fighting scene in the mirror gallery. It is a raw action film that made me feel like I am in a alternative real world rather than in a CGI and special effect world that feel unrealistic.I think it really have to thanks the director Chad Stahleskil who is actually the stunt actor for Keanu during The Matrix, because I think he is the perfect person to know what looks good on the camera for a action film. JW2_D26_6250.cr2

Of course there are still cheesy part that made me cringe a little here and there, but I have nothing but good things to write about John Wick 2. Go to the theater and watch this film if you can, because the sound editing is great in which that added to the movie experience .  I already can’t wait how the story will play out for the next one !  


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