The Crow (1994) : How This Gothic Fantasy Is a Weird Curse, But At The Same Time Loved By So Many People



I didnt catch the Gothic train of The Crow due to the fact I was only in this world for two years when this movie came out, but Im glad I got the chance to watch it recently. The thing that gets me and still makes me think about this movie after a week later was the back story of this film.

The back story started out with graphic artist James O’Barr when he lost his fiancee when she was killed by a drunk driver in the 70s.  The tragedy sparked James to create The Crow into comic and art series. The Crow is a tragedy of how Eric and his fiancee were both killed during their anniversary, and Eric was bought back from his death by a powerful crow to revenge for his wife and himself. The Crow is a art piece that really resonates to the artist James O’Barr personal life. In the 90s, the adaptation of The Crow comic and art series into film became a sensation.


What I love about this film is how it makes me feel. I feel so much sorrow, anger,grief, and also a seek of justice in this world. Even though the film can be gory and weird, but there are jokes insert here and there to mix up the genre of this film in which became the elements that makes this a cult classic. Crow.png

Eric Draven is portrayed by Brendon Lee, martial artist Bruce Lee’s son, tragically died on this film set during one of the scene when he got shot by a unclean prop gun. He was 28. This was supposed to be his breakout film for career, since he had always want to walk out from his father’s fame and make a name of his own. The weird coincidence behind this whole thing is the relation to Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight. If you watch The Crow and compare and contrast to The Dark Knight, you can immediately spot the similarities between the make up of the Joker and Eric and particular scenes and dialogues. Furthermore, Heath Ledger died after portraying Joker at the age of 28 when his Joker character was inspired by Eric Draven. Is there a curse? or is is just a coincidence between these two fallen stars before they shine bright?


When I watched The Crow, I was in tears when I saw Brendon Lee because of how much alike he is with one of my favorite actor Heath Ledger. The story itself also matches with my grieve and the protagonist Eric’s grieve, and it eventually traces back to the artist James own grieve of his fiancee. This film has affected me in a tremendous way that it is almost mind-blowing, because who knows a tragedy that happened in the 70s can affected so many Brendon Lee’s fan in the 90s, and eventually connected with Heath Ledger’s fans in the 2000s. Sometimes life is just unfair and unpredictable, and it is also sad but true to realize pain and suffer often became the reasons that beautiful and timeless artwork are created.



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