Master of None Review: An Inspiring Comedy for Millennials

Master-of-None (

I absolutely adore Netflix original Master of None. People are always talking about how media (in shows, movies, etc) misrepresents their race, gender identity, or culture. For example, we usually see black people act as gangsters. Asians are usually the nerdy ones, or they are the ones that eat exotic food that nobody wants to try. White people are usually the protagonists. In conclusion, media stereotyped people’s behaviors and portray certain group of people to act in certain ways.
While everyone is complaining about this problem in the media, the famous American stand up comedian Aziz Ansari wrote Master of None as a representation of a multiracial and multicultural comedy. Not only it is a ACTUAL funny comedy, but it is also a thought provoking one. Furthermore, this show is especially appealing to   It is a every day life story about a guy Dev who lives in New York, and he is portrayed by Aziz himself. At first, I thought it will be nothing more than some average jokes that just make fun of things you see everyday. It is actually more than that, because it touches on different subjects and topics that you may wonder about from time to time. Master-of-None
For example, it talks about relationship between parents and their children.
It brings out the problem of how we, as children, do not try to understand our parents when we grew up. We also tend to avoid our parents when they ask us for help At the end of the day, we do not have patient for our parents, even though they give us the whole world. I think it is a subject that is worth mentioning. As a person in my twenties, I always think my generation is extremely different from my parents. There is indeed a generation gap due to technologies and different ideologies, yet not a lot of people in our age try to close the gap between them and their parents.

master-of-none-3-credit-k.c._bailey-netflix It talks about relationship with your significant other.
It portrays a very realistic relationship. There is always a period of time of the “honeymoon” phase, which is being adventurous and fun together. However, when time goes by, relationship can become fatigue and problems can appear. I think a lot of people in our society always have the wrong ideas of how being in a relationship is always perfect, cute, and happily ever after. Yet people do not really expect a realistic relationship that have can have drastic changes due to different goals in life.

master-of-none-aziz-ansari ( Overall, Master of None talks about young adult’s relationships and the things and situations we experience in our daily live. Some of the situations in the show may be exaggerating at first, but the main ideas they want to let people talk about are very inspiring. It really get me thinking about how I treat other people, and it also challenges the normalities in our society. Most of the time when Dev asks a question in the show,  I will sometimes think in my head like “YEAH! why is that ?” or “YEAH! that’s bad!”
We are always absorbing different informations from all kinds of media, but we really need to be active audience rather than blindly accept what the media tell us and how it represents the society. Master of None is very smart and accurate on its racial and cultural representation, and people should really give this show a go on Netflix!

If you have watched this show, tell me what do you think about it ! 🙂

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